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Local 1205 Delegate Election Plan Submission Notice

Click here to read the Delegate Election Plan Submission Notice

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Welcome to the Official Website of Teamsters Local 1205

This web site is intended to provide current members, and all potential members, with basic information regarding the many services offered by Local 1205. Please return to this site often for updates and information.

Communication is one of the most important tools that members, Stewards, and officers of the Local Union have. That’s why each company in Local 1205 has Stewards who are elected by you, the membership. The Steward is the first line of communication, and is responsible for transmitting information to your Local and representing members in union and workplace matters.

Your Business Agents are responsible for representing you in grievance processing, contract negotiations, and various other issues. This Local Union has a Business Agent assigned to your Company to assist you whenever the need arises. In addition, they make regular visits to your Company. So whenever you need help or have a question, please contact our office.

Teamsters Local 1205 is proudly affiliated with the 1.4 million member International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Joint Council 16, and the Long Island Federation of Labor.

As stewards of the labor movement, we take pride in the fact that we train our Shop Stewards and update members through many methods, including: bulletin board postings, monthly membership meetings, newsletters, and this website. Furthermore, your officers and Business Agents are continually updated on changes in the law and collective bargaining strategies, to ensure that you get the very best representation possible.

Local 1205's office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until at least 4:00 p.m. After 4:00 p.m., you can leave a message for your agent on our voice mail system. We inform you of our regularly scheduled union meetings during the year. Special meetings are called upon request of the members. Your involvement in Local Union activities are of great importance to this Local Union, and will bring greater power and pleasure to you. Remember that this is your Union.
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Uniting For Justice at Baumann Bus!

We are proud to report that on October 26, 2015 our Baumann members ratified their new contract! After several months of intense negotiation, and 2 strike votes, the Negotiating Committee recommended the deal be accepted.

We are very proud that our Baumann members did not roll over, did not cave in, did not allow their employer to force on them the concessionary contract Baumann in fact tried to impose. 

Click here to see the Press Release regarding this victory.

Click here to see the latest Local 1205 "Press Release" of October 17.

 To see Local 1205's "Press Release" in response to Baumann's dishonest letter of October 14, click here.

Baumann's "Last, Best & Final Offer" of October 8 that has been rejected by the Local 1205 Negotiating Committee.

Click here to see Baumann's "Last, Best & Final Offer"

Click here to read Newsday's October 9th report on our important fight for justice.

Click here to read the Newsday's October 3rd report on our important fight for justice.

Click below to read our most recent--October 2--Negotiations Update.

Contract Negotiations Update: 9

Click the link below to read Contract Negotiations Update: 8.

Contract Negotiations Update: 8

Click the link below to read Contract Negotiations Update: 7.

Contract Negotiations Update: 7

Click here to read a Newsday's September 21st report on our important fight for justice.

As many of you know, the Baumanns recently put out a letter full of evil, lying nonsense.  It was a desperate (and fruitless) attempt to weaken the support we have been receiving from the community and other labor organizations.  The letter was also a frantic effort to demoralize each of our courageous Baumann members--since you have shown great resolve in firmly rejecting and preparing for battle against Baumann's give-back and wage-freeze "final offer."

Here are links to two letters refuting Baumann's garbage, by two very large labor organizations in New York, organizations that have our back.

Teamsters Joint Council 16 Letter

Long Island Federation of Labor Letter

Also, here are two links to other important letters showing support for our cause.  One is from Legislators of Nassau County and one is from Legislators of Suffolk County.

Nassau County Legislators Letter

Suffolk County Legislators Letter

Brothers and sisters, stay strong, proud and united.  The communities we live in, the organizations that have influence, thousands of everyday citizens, are showing their support for our just cause.

We are back at the negotiation table with the Federal Mediator on Monday morning.

Here are five media reports (there have been many) on our important fight for justice.

Eyewitness News Link:

News 12 Link:

Newsday Link:

NBC Link:

FIOS1 Link:

Strike Threat & Pressure from School Districts Bring Baumann Back to the Negotiating Table!

Much has occurred in recent days that we want to bring to your immediate attention.

Click here to read the latest Negotiation Update

The Union’s Response to Baumann’s Dishonest Letter of August 17

Ron and Connie Baumann sent a disgustingly dishonest letter—dated August 17—to all Local 1205 Members working for Baumann.  Click here to see our response to that letter.

Letter to the Community Asking for their Support

Click here to see a letter to be distributed to the Community about the facts of our dispute.

Click here for the 6th Contract Update

Click here for the 5th Contract Update

Click here for the 4th Contract Update

Click here for the 3rd Contract Update

Click here for the 2nd Contract Update

Click here for the 1st Contract Update

Baumann's Cry of Poverty versus Audited Financial Statements

As we prepared for bargaining our new contract, we all knew Baumann would be increasingly crying poverty, and acting as if we should be taking up a collection for him. So, to counter his lies with the TRUTH, we thought you would be interested in seeing a copy of a recent affidavit commenting on Baumann’s corporate income and earnings. The Union came to be in possession of this not-usually-made-public document because Ron Baumann filed a legal action in New York State’s Supreme Court, against the Hauppauge School District and others. (Certain districts did not award its bussing contracts to Baumann and he thought he could win the school districts' sympathy by suing them.) In this 9-page affidavit prepared and signed by Baumann’s accountant, there are statements that Baumann’s parent company, ABA Transportation Services, is very strong financially; has “significantly high retained earnings” on annual sales of about 100 million dollars! The affidavit in fact contains boasts about Baumann generating a “15% gross profit” in fiscal year 2011 (the year of the audited financial statement).

If you wish to review the document, click here.

2014 End-Of-Year Update

Click here to read this important notice that includes an update about some hard-fought victories.  Also, an overview of our exciting and careful preparations for negotiating our next contract.

Wage Increases, Holiday Pay, and Contract Surveys

Welcome back to a new school year!  Click here to read an important memo regarding the September 1st wage increases, Labor Day holiday pay and more.  Also, if you have not filled out and handed in your Union contract survey, please read the memo to see how you can obtain a copy and submit it to the Union.  

Bethpage Yard Closing and the Possible LIRR Strike

Click here to see a summary of the Company's proposed plan for the Bethpage yard that will be vacating effective August 31, 2014.

Settlement Agreement - June 2014

Click here to read the settlement agreement regarding improper layoffs, improper picks, and more...

Baumann Update - December 2013

Click here to read an important update about recent arbitrations, Unfair Labor Practices and more... 

Arbitration Victory - October 2013

Just this week the Union prevailed at an Arbitration that now forces Baumann to stop a policy he illegally imposed.  Click here to read the important notice.

Read the complete Consent Award

Baumann Update - Autumn 2013

Click here to read a brief update about just some of the recent victories Local 1205 has had in getting our members at Baumann more of the justice each of you deserves.

Baumann Update - May 2013

After months of legal battling with Baumann, we achieved a great victory regarding many outstanding grievances.  Click here for more information.

Read the complete Settlement Agreement.

Baumann Update - March 2013

Click here to read about recent victories for Employees of Baumann Buses because of Local 1205.

Important Arbitration Settlement!

Click here to read the letter regarding this important arbitration settlement.

Read the complete Consent Award.

Update on Some Victories--& a Note on Some Lies

Update on Recent Grievance Victories

We are happy to report that a major settlement was recently reached with Baumann, resolving over a dozen pending grievances.  Click here to read this important memo.

Baumann's Declared War on Workers & the Reason for it

We continue our mission to obtain greater justice for all who work for Baumann Buses.  Click here to read an update on Baumann's continued and intensified attack, which is taking place because of our successes.

Click Here To Read Our Fall 2011 Newsletter!

NLRB Issues a Legal Complaint Against Baumann

A very important legal Complaint was issued against Baumann on June 6th by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The NLRB  investigated charges Local 1205 made against Baumann and concluded there was clear evidence of the employer's committing Unfair Labor Practices--a violation of the law!  Read the full NLRB Complaint.

Read our Fall 2010 Newsletter!

Click here to read quotes from your elected Shop Stewards about some of our first contract success stories.

Congratulations!  We Ratified Our Teamsters Contract!

We are thrilled to announce that on June 23rd the majority of us voted and ratified our Teamster contract!  Read More.

Our Mission Statement

We, workers from six Baumann, Acme, Brookset and Alert locations on Long Island, formed our union with Teamsters Local 1205.  We have the power to make a real positive difference in our working lives and create a better future for our families.  We have a voice at work!  We negotiate as equals with the company for the improvements we all deserve!  Together, we are working with Teamsters Local 1205 to make this a better place to work.

Click the link below to view -

Arbitration Decisions, Settlement Agreements & Consent Awards

November 27, 2015
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